The Holiday Tradition That Is The MPC Computers Bowl

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Boston College 24, Ball State O (halftime)

As you probably know, there is no bigger fan of the pomp and pagentry of big time collegiate athletics than yours truly. I woke up early this morning and watched the MPC Computers Parade, then spent most of the afternoon listening to old Eyeless In Gaza albums in homage to Boston College’s terrific WZBC.

That said, I’m not sure any contest, let alone one with this game’s rich history, is worthy of blowing off a D.U.I court date.

Nor can I understand, after trying in vain to adjust the settings of my very expensive television set, why the field is blue. What’s up with that?

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  1. Timothy Cook says:


    To insert credit where credit is due, that’s the WAC Champ BOISE STATE losing to Boston College (and their harrible home field “Smurf Turf” fucking up your picture).

    Your screen grab has inspired memories of headaches of growing up in the City of Trees, and when that ugly gimmick turf was installed sometime around ’90. I remember the cost was prohibitive in creating the rug, so they ordered two rolls at once, promising that they’d have two or three decades’ worth of the stuff. Of course, it seems to be such a hit with the locals that I doubt we’ll ever see a return to a non-migraine inducing televised “Humanitarian Bowl,” or whatever they’re calling it this year.


    PS It’s a pretty sweet deal that team (Boise St.) getting a home game as a bowl game almost every year.

    PPS Also, do you recommend a fave Eyeless in Gaza lp? I have a cherry red singles comp that doesn’t seem as good to me as something or other I owned on cassette tape in the ’80s. Any help’d be appershiated!

  2. CSTB says:

    re : Eyeless In Gaza

    ‘Rust Red September’, though ‘Drumming The Beating Heart’ has some fine moments, too. The other albums range from good to “you’d better be crazy about these guys”, but I’m sure someone will tell you they’re all genius.

  3. notorius says:

    Will Leitch doesn’t brag about his expensive television set.

  4. CSTB says:

    maybe if he worked a little harder and wasn’t lying about advertisers he doesn’t actually have, he could afford a better television.

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