The Sad Decline Of Beau Felton

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These are tough times for the only most talented member of the Baldwin clan. From the AP :

Daniel Baldwin (above, right) was stopped Wednesday by officers in Santa Monica who saw him in a white GMC Yukon reported stolen in neighboring Orange County, authorities said.

The actor was taken to jail and booked for investigation of grand theft auto. Bail was set at $20,000.

The 46-year-old actor made news in July when he drove a rented car at more than 80 mph through Los Angeles traffic and crashed into two parked vehicles. In April, he was arrested for investigation of cocaine possession, although prosecutors declined to file felony charges.

I’m not a religious man, but in these desperate moments, Daniel might take a tip from a family member — there’s no problem so big that it cannot be solved by a) skateboarding or b) harrassing pornography fans.

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  1. Dmac says:

    You think that’s unfortunate, did you happen to catch Andre’ Braugher’s short – lived show on FX (Thief)? Yikes. Oh, well – at least we’ve still got The Wire to help us through the days. Free Meldrick!

  2. GC says:

    only saw one episode of “Thief”. I was very impressed how the little girl from the “Vacation” movies hadn’t aged at all in 20 + years, very weird.

    I’d be very willing to give more FX shows a chance if they’d cool it with the promos for “Dirt”. I mean, I love Peter Gabriel to death (just ask Stigliano), but enough’s enough.

  3. Dmac says:

    Well, if you haven’t caught “The Shield” yet, there’s still one more season to go (that show pretty much put FX on the map). Quite over – the – top at times, but the acting is so good that you forgive the writers their excesses. Worth a look when you get the chance – if not, there’s always Netflix. There also appears to be quite a crossover from loyal viewers of Homicide/The Wire/The Shield.

  4. GC says:

    I’ve seen “The Shield”, Dmac, and I’m sorry to say that I think Michael Chiklis peaked in the film adaptation of “Wired”. Either that, or the “Seinfeld” where he plays the guy from Long Island that brings a prostitute to Jerry’s apartment.

    I really like many of the Nick Gomez’ directorial jobs for TV, but “The Shield” ain’t one of ‘em. I know it’s awfully popular, though.

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