The Schmoozer Goes MIA, Richard Neer Copes By Oversharing

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I realize that Richard’s a big Springsteen fan, but there’s a time and place for emulating the Boss’ never-ending memory-lane-banter. The occasion of Steve Somers being trapped in an elevator is NOT IT.

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  1. justice naczycz says:

    GC, I’m having an issue that going to your site somehow connects my phone with soundcloud.com so when i navigate away and then back it takes me to a soundcloud link instead of your site. Also i get a warning about your security certificate every time i come here. This has now expanded to making many of the links that lead your posts become soundcloud links. Is this just my phone having problems, something that is by design and just not working properly on my phone, or a problem that others are having caused by something wrong with the site? Love the blog so i want to keep reading it daily, but this problem is becoming a little much.

  2. GC says:


    sorry to hear of this. I can certainly refer the issue to our tech team. If you can send a screen shot and/or info about your phone’s operating system to us via email (info@12XU.net) that would be great.

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