The Sports Putz Vs. WEEI : Simmons Suspended….

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…from using Twitter? What’s next, no text messaging or posting on message boards for the only thing standing between Sarah Palin and a no.1 best-seller?  “Bill™s communication regarding WEEI fell short of those standards. So we™ve taken appropriate measures,” writes ESPN.com’s Rob King, essentially giving radio windbags across the nation a free shot at Simmons whenever they feel like it.  Provided they’re working for ESPN affiliates, that is.   My long-standing scorn for the 90210/Counting Crows scholar is well established, but it’s hard not to sympathize in this instance.  This is how they thank the only guy on the payroll that’s managed to keep it in his pants?

4 Responses to “The Sports Putz Vs. WEEI : Simmons Suspended….”

  1. Cagey says:

    Simmons is the worst- a big mouth who hides behind the old ” I can’t say anythimg, I’ll get into touble” bs line. He’s a phony!

  2. Rob says:

    What’s lost in this is that WEEI didn’t even rip him… he’s friendly with the morning show, at odds with the afternoon show (no one knows why)….

    He rips the entire station over what the afternoon guys allegedly did, then turtles when the morning guys call him on his shit.

    And I’d much rather hear the football opinions of “two washed up athletes” than a guy who’s never played the game.

  3. Cageyisaphony says:

    The worst? A Phony? Big Mouth? All ridiculous and unfounded if you know how to read. Bill built his rep through 15+ years of sports journalism and is pretty invincible regardless of ESPN’s social media policy.

  4. JX says:

    What exactly are you talking about? He got in trouble here for saying something and not caring about the consequences. Did we both just read the same story?

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