Tommy Lasorda, Not Only Homophobic, But Cheap, Too

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It’s a shame that No Mag isn’t available online, otherwise there would be an illuminating interview with Tommy Lasorda Jr. (with accompanying photograph) to share with you. And on a related note, the Toronto Star’s Richard Griffin speaks out in opposition to Tommy Sr.’s entry into the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame (link culled from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Why is he in the hall? Unlike his well-nurtured public image, he’s in reality a mean-spirited, egocentric, homophobic bully who has done nothing for Canadian baseball.

In the winter of ’75, as a coach for the Dodgers, Lasorda even leveraged an offer to manage the Expos from club president John McHale, taking over from Gene Mauch, into the Dodgers’ job, taking over from Walter Alston. McHale always thought he had had an agreement.

When it was discovered in the late-’70s that Dodgers centre fielder Glenn Burke was gay and had befriended Lasorda’s son, Tommy, Jr., Burke alleges that he had him traded to the A’s.

Later on, at the time Lasorda’s AIDS-ridden son was gravely ill, another gay player, Billy Bean, alleged that Lasorda was still telling rough, unfunny, homophobic locker room jokes.

Throughout his Dodgers’ tenure, Lasorda was honoured by Italian-Canadian associations in Montreal. On one trip, a star-struck clothing manufacturer invited Lasorda and his coaches to his factory to sample his wares. The plan was to sell items at cost. After gathering armloads of samples, the Dodger was presented with a bill. He furiously stormed out of the factory because it wasn’t free.

Apparently, or so goes the legend, when Tommy found out that as a coach he wouldn’t receive a gold medal at the 2000 Olympics, he was upset, because he had passed up the opportunity for a lucrative speaking engagement back in the U.S.

In the years since 1976, whenever a player was traded from the Dodgers to the Expos or Jays, the vitriol they brought for Lasorda has been palpable. That is unlike the public image of Tommy the motivator.

52 Responses to “Tommy Lasorda, Not Only Homophobic, But Cheap, Too”

  1. Marilyn Hedron says:

    Tommy LaSorda is correct is his stance on gays in professional sports. Not only are they poor role models for children, they are noted for the use of alcohol and drugs.

  2. GC says:

    yeah, Tommy had a lot of luck w/ str8′s like Steve Howe and Darryl Strawberry. They were awesome role models for kids.

    sis, someday we’ll find out that the big leagues are crazy with queers just like every other walk of life. I’m sure there’s at least a couple who’d like to come off the DL one of these days, but this “poor role models for children” bullshit doesn’t help matters.

  3. Genevieve says:

    [i]Tommy LaSorda is correct is his stance on gays in professional sports. Not only are they poor role models for children, they are noted for the use of alcohol and drugs.[/i]

    Fuck you.

  4. Richard Moore says:

    We met Tommy Lasorda at his resturant in Marina Del Ray CA in 1985.
    He was with his son and family.
    He is every bit the gentleman he appears to be in public.
    Slander is not only illegal, it is immoral.

    Thank You

  5. GC says:


    Feel free to write back anytime. But not before you explain how your pleasant encounter with Tommy and his late son in any way disproves Mr. Griffin’s allegations.

  6. rjp3 says:

    MARILYN … prejudice is when you PRE-JUDGE and ENTIRE group of people.

    In this case you are making a blanket statement agains MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of men and women around the world. While it is easy and comforting to hold such black and white concepts… they are the definition of ignorance.

    I think drugs and alcohol are a problem equally for all men and women – straight, gay and bisexual.

    If ignorance is bliss … this chick must be happy

  7. David says:

    I stumbled on this site while doing research for an graduate-level report that I am doing on the degree of bigotry and discrimination that exists in the highest levels of professional sports and society at-large. I enjoyed reading the posted comments, but would just like to follow-up by saying that rjp3 and GC are correct. Shame on you Marilyn for stereotyping. The fruit of your ignorance only seeks to limit and diminish. For that is what a stereotype does. It prevents you from seeing the person and instead you just see a mental construct of your own making. Congratulations on further contributing to all that pollutes and limits humanity. I wonder who is really the danger and ‘poor role model for children?’ People who struggle to live as a minority, people who endure the scourge of discrimination, people who struggle with the disease of addiction, or people like you who are quick to judge and pass on prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination to the children who will be the future leaders of this country. Fortunately, I refuse to accept your poison. Young, impressionable children may not be as fortunate. Shame on you.

  8. Wilson Simmons says:

    It is hard to understand why Tommy Lasorda would not accept that his son died of AIDS. It would seem to be a great opportunity for Mr. Lasorda to use his celebrity status to bring awareness to this dreadful disease. If he was not truthful about his own son’s death, was he lying about having an affair with a call girl. And if not, why not sue the woman that published the book saying that he was a regular customer. Magic Johnson was responsible for enlightening the world – Tommy could have done at least as much. He is still mum about his son. Why?

  9. Chris says:

    He is mum about his son because he’s still embarrassed that his son was a fruit

  10. Brian says:

    He was more concerned about his own ego (embarrassment at something that wasn’t embarrassing and that he had nothing to do with anyway) than being a good father to his son. HE is the poor role model for children.

  11. CG says:

    Well said Brian

  12. Bluedots says:

    Tommy Lasorda was not ashamed of his son. I knew his son. He loved his son very much.

  13. Michel says:

    I am constantly amazed at the blatant stupidity and ignorance puked forth by some of the people commenting here. Marilyn Hedron (and the others here of your ilk) I can only hope that you have (or will have) children and that at least one of them turns out to be gay. Get back to us then you uneducated cretins.

  14. Anthony says:

    I agree with the previous comment about Tommy Lasorda being the bad role model for kids. He is part of a bye gone era that believed living lies & keeping up false appearances was an acceptable way forward. What a fool and how self-centered he must be! Hopefully he has changed by now & made his excuses to the public.

  15. say hey kid son says:

    I’m a 45 year married man with a great wife and 2 kids (and straight)… Since I moved to the West Coast at age 15 I have been exposed to many wonderful people in the Gay community. I respect their love and compassion for another individual. I just watched the “Glenn Burke” special that was aired tonight….for years I boo’ed Tommy Lasorda for fun, but after watching tonight and reading more on-line about his son I truly boo him as a Dad. I love my 5 and 7 year unconditionally…..and he should too. If he was Gay he should admit it….express his love so his son can rest in peace. In addition as a father to a Gay son he could be an inspiration to cross generations. I boo’ed Tommy at Candlestick Park (but agreed with him) when he said “You boo me because you love me!” As a baseball fan I love to boo the opponent and cheer on my team.

    Until you right the wrong to your son and the Gay community your Boo will not only be from a team level (our escape from real life), but more importantly from an emotional level of the battle you personally supported versus prejudice towards Jackie Robinson.

    Tommy you are either on the boat or off regarding prejudice…..make this Giants fan love you again and spend your golden years making your son proud.

  16. David says:

    The 15th response from ‘say hey kid son’ hit the nail on the head. I’m a native San Franciscan and I’ve been a Dodger fan since 1975. I’ve always loved Tommy Lasorda, and living in Giants town, I’ve always had to defend my love for the Dodgers and Tommy Lasorda. However, after hearing about how he treated Glen Burke and his son, I just can’t defend him anymore. I agree with ‘say hey kid son’ in saying, Tommy needs to right the wrong with not only his son and the gay community but everyone and become a spokesperson for equality and acceptance. He’s a very famous American and it would make a huge impact. People would listen. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening. We can only pray for him.

  17. Greg says:

    God Bless Mr. Burke and Mr Lasorda Jr. Thank you guys for your strength. So sorry that they both didn’t live to see all of the life saving meds that they have today. And alot of people are wrong. Us gays are good role models. All you have to do is love a kid, and give them true support. And that kid will love you forever. Kids are taught to hate. And that comes from the parents. People hate what they don’t understand. Thanks to both gentlemen for touching my life and so many others.. God rest your weiry souls…Greg Boone

  18. Glamoz says:

    Thanks Greg – Tom Jr was my friend and Tom Sr did love his son, however narcissists make terrible parents.

    Growing up in Dad’s right-wing bigoted shadow AND bearing Dad’s name was more than he could overcome.

    RIP Tom Jr I love you.

  19. Julio marco Correa says:

    Fack you Marilyn. US fags cant suck cak with the best of them!
    And So what if we are on meth?!

  20. Julio marco Correa says:

    And another thing- so what if I am a skinny useless piece of shit?!
    I got my US citizenship AND I sukked off Tommy Lasorda, so fack you all!

  21. clint machado says:

    I dated Tommy Lasorta Jr twice and always saw him at the Oddessey1.I just want to make note that he was a stunningly good looking man and very very striking to look at in a almost david bowie way.Coming from an extremely macho cowboy family myself we kind of bonded on the humour of if our fathers could really see how it all was so different for us than their generation.This guy could have went to amazing places if the hover of his dads presence was not so intimidatingly large and yet tommy jr had it all but for the most important part…acceptance True acceptance I know..I really wish there were pictures out there because to me he was a real bold fashion role model.This story is kind of huge in a great american way.

  22. Jade says:

    Tommy Sr is obviously one of the “old school” types who perhaps loved his son, but very obviously homophobic. I feel sorry for those of you who believe prejudice against a particular group of people is justified. You are showing your ignorance. Drug abuse comes in many forms and affects people from all walks of life. There are not even any photographs online of Tommy Jr. Was his father embarrassed by him? What a tool.

  23. Tom says:

    I believe that Manager Lasorda did love his son but never accepted him more out his ignorance plus his own image. Lasorda, Sr was the self promotors/ self promotor, if that makes any sence. Tommy, Sr was brought up near Philadelphia in the 1940′s where gay people were looked at sadly as “queers”. I recall when Tommy, Jr passed his dad, Tommy Sr asked the Dodger fans to donate money to the retired baseball players fund. He was sadly, too embarrassed to ask the people to donate for Aids Reseach. Lasorda, Sr is in his 80′s and time to reveal his son was gay, which has nothing to do with Sr. whatsoever.

  24. Sy says:

    All this is by the by. Homo’y is, when not practiced, quite sad, and when practiced, unnatural, unhealthy, unwise, unseemly, … and just plain gross. A more sainted person than Tommy Sr. might have been more accepting but, so what?, something this vomit-inducing… a person is entitled to his natural response. Someone brought up narcissism. Ha! Psychologists for decades, before PC described homo’y as “narcissism genitalized”. So, that’s ironic.

  25. GC says:

    all sorts of stupid things were commonly believed back in the stone age. Our homosexual pals are just as healthy, happy and well adjusted as you and me. Though i’m not so sure about you.

  26. F.C.Lydon says:

    I too was lucky enough to know Tommy Jr. We knew each other from the L.A. club, ” The Rose Tattoo”. He was not only a most handsome man but also was the epitome of grace and charm. He was an honorable man who’s content of character was admired by many. Yes, he did crave the acceptance of his father but it was not to be. I’m sure Tommy Sr. loved his only son in his own way, just not in the way Tommy Jr. had wanted. It’s too bad that there are people that feel it’s alright to spew such vulgar words about people they never knew. Tommy Sr. felt his son let him down just as Tommy Jr. felt his father let him down.

  27. robert says:

    Such ignorance that comes from the mouth of “famous” people… to the person who says that gays are poor role models…You are an idiot and a poor role model for children. They are no more drawn to alcohol and drugs than straight people…and if they are more inclined to alcohol and drugs it is because people like you have put them down all their lives and this is their only escape in their minds…. my best friend was gay and he came out to me our freshman year in highschool. I felt it an honor that he trusted me enough with this…though he wasn’t received well with other friends and he found the only solution at the end of a gun barrel. I wish I could have done more or been more supportive of him..but I now carry his banner proudly and tell his story so that maybe..just maybe… someone else’s best friend will not find the solution with a gun…

  28. Ian Stuart Donaldson says:

    Tommy was right, both of those sodomites died from AIDS, and are now burning in hell. Great role models.

  29. rich says:

    the only positives that homosexuals contributed to society are the positives on STD tests.

  30. GC says:

    interesting. so you’re saying Alexander The Great was really Alexander The Average? Exactly how many times did Tchaikovsky test positive for an STD?

  31. shamsky24 says:

    The real shame here is that these two young men are dead, while hateful bigoted shitbags like “Rich” and “Ian Stuart Donaldson” continue to draw oxygen. The only positive you could contribute to society, Rich, would be your own suicide. Do it soon.

  32. Anti-Gay says:

    Tommy Sr did what is right, as for all you tree-hugging, gay right activists, and fags in between, I don’t want my kids thinking that shit is ok. I say that because its not ok. Passing laws to legalize gay marriage is opening the door to other taboo things…such as polygamy, I mean I don’t care about having more than one wife. It actually would be quite nice when I think about it. I’ll have one wife cook, another clean up after me, a couple work and pay the bills and all of them as my sex partners. Lets not forget about the people that want to have incestious relationships, they have rights too, lets legalize that as well…cuz you know you wouldn’t mind your brother sleeping with your daughter. Last but definitely not least lets make it legal to have sexual relationships with animals. Our kids will grow up soo smart knowing about all these gay ass relationships…and you can thank all these queers who decided to blaze a trail and start this shit. So once again, thank yourselves when this country goes to hell (as you fags have already directed it down that path). So please suck both your dads cocks and have a nice day :-)

  33. F - yeah says:

    Anti-gay…you said it best

  34. GC says:

    “Anti-Gay” and “F-yeah” are of course, writing from the SAME IP ADDRESS.

    I guess John Smoltz just doesn’t wanna sign his real name.

    In all seriousness, a person with imaginary friends openly fantasizes about “having more than one wife”. Something tells me the law is not the only thing stopping that dream from coming true.

  35. Mark says:

    What a bunch of evil pricks. I’m feeling as though we
    Just heard from the Ayatollah’s. Are these people for real
    Thank God I had loving and understanding Parents.
    Homophobes try living in Iran or Iraq, you people are pathetic.

  36. Jimmy says:

    To all you homophobic people responding. These two guys were human beings, with a heart and soul. Besides that, God Loves Everybody.

  37. Jim says:

    God loves everybody, but he accepts no sin. Homosexuality is a sin regardless what we say! Accept Jesus and experience eternal life forever or face the repercussions for your sins!

  38. GC says:

    ‘Repercussion’ is a pretty good record, but not nearly as good as ‘Stands For Decibels’.

  39. Qhuinn says:

    To all the jugmental fundamentalist on a soapbox…here’s to you.

    Dogma aside…heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just COMMON, not unlike your basic opinions.

  40. shamsky24 says:
    5/7/2013 at 4:24 pm
    “The real shame here is that these two young men are dead, while hateful bigoted shitbags like “Rich” and “Ian Stuart Donaldson” continue to draw oxygen. The only positive you could contribute to society, Rich, would be your own suicide. Do it soon.”

    Such “LOVE and TOLERANCE” [sic] coming from the left. I’ll make sure to have a hundred billion mentally-sane people know what you leftists really are about. Oh, wait. I already did. Now, go hump somebody else’s leg, Mutt-Face, before I ram yours up your arse.

    –Victor Golf Charles, Conservative/Christian/Republican/Patriot/Tea-Partier/Professional Gamer
    (and one who owns a Mega Drive/Genesis game with Tommy Lasorda’s likeness on it — no wonder I grew up as a Sega kid)

  41. You guys say, “Judge not lest you be judged.” I say, “TWIST NOT SCRIPTURE LEST YOU BE LIKE SATAN.” #TakeThatYouLiberalPansies

    –Victor Golf Charles, Conservative/Christian/Republican/Patriot/Tea-Partier/Professional Gamer

  42. So, GC, what’s your Facebook right now? “Totally Not Gay Rapist With a Massive Crotch”? You have a small penis compared to Tommy Lasorda’s really massive manager crotch.


    everything the left was saying is bullcrap.

    –Victor Golf Charles, Conservative/Christian/Republican/Patriot/Tea-Partier/Professional Gamer

  43. “Marilyn Hedron says:
    8/5/2006 at 11:37 pm
    Tommy LaSorda [sic] is correct is his stance on gays in professional sports. Not only are they poor role models for children, they are noted for the use of alcohol and drugs.”

    God bless Tommy Lasorda. He gets it. Marilyn gets it. And liberal lunkheads (which is a redundancy) don’t. Hooah, indeed.

    –Victor Golf Charles, Conservative/Christian/Republican/Patriot/Tea-Partier/Professional Gamer

  44. Awwh, is the poor little liberal all arsehurt over a right-winger agreeing with a baseball legend’s opinions against homosexuality in sports? Lemme write you a prescription for TWO TESTICLES.

    –Victor Golf Charles, Conservative/Christian/Republican/Patriot/Tea-Partier/Professional Gamer

  45. Dear GC,
    First, my apologies to the loss of your balls. Studies have proven the link between liberalism and the loss of testicular fortitude — but you don’t know that since you keep drinking the Flavor Aid and watching CNN, MSNBC, and HLN, and believing the BS they feed you. That fact should come as no surprise to conservatives like me, however; we’ve known that since 1962, when hippies like you began turning the world into a crapsack, dystopian environment where everything morally right is illegal and everything morally wrong is legal. Since when did the so-called “rights” [sic] of the Rainbow Flag trump the rights of the Stars and Stripes? And don’t give me that “LGBT rights are the new civil rights movement” BS, cos I’m not buyin’ it. Not a single cent will buy your lies. Why? Martin Luther King, Jr was a law-abiding, Constitution-adhering Republican (and a pastor, too); if MLK were alive today, he, along with his surviving niece Alveda, woulda lashed out big-time at y’all for hijacking his name and using it in the name of LGBT “rights” [sic]. Were homosexuals forced to use a “Homosexuals Only” drinking fountain? Were homosexuals segregated into smallish seats in the backs of trains and buses? And were homosexuals ever forced into long and exhausting days of slavery? H-E-DOUBLE-L TO THE N-O! So why must YOU sicko liberals (sorry to be redundant) push YOUR disgusting ideology onto US conservatives and OUR children? You freakshows only want to declassify homosexuality from the Mental Illness Index because you want to take OUR children away from US and do nasties with them. With that, I have just proved three things: “LGBT equality” [sic] is an oxymoron, homosexuality goes hand-in-hand with paedophilia, and liberalism has been a mental disease since 1962.

    And the lesson we’ve learned from my comments is:
    If you left-wingers are too much of pathetic wussies to handle even the smallest thing the right-wingers have on their mind, MAYBE THE INTERNET ISN’T THE PLACE FOR YOU.

    –Victor Golf Charles. Rated R. Commentators under 18, liberals, uptight trolling maggots, peter-puffers, wastes of space, hippies, and dipcraps not permitted. I will shock. I will offend. I will not be stopped or slowed down. I won’t be fazed by your cries for consideration, But, most terrifying (to you) of all: I WILL DELIVER THE DIRTY TRUTH. C:
    (channelling the Facebook page Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children)

  46. stand up says:

    Victor Golf Charles, what an assbag. Did you ever take a history class in your life? I didn’t think so, your obviously ignorant.A.) Homosexuality was pulled from the list of mental disorders in the 1970′s. Didn’t last too long, did it?B.) Martin Luther King Jr. Was a registered DEMOCRAT.C.) Any person with half a mind, knows that gays were sent to the concentration camps & died in the Holocaust. Their still being murdered to this day in the Middle East & Africa through state persecution. So in other words, gets yer fu@#in facts straight.

  47. JimeeJohnson says:

    Right wing bastards are the epitome of stupid and fear, so it’s no wonder they would make stupid judgments about anything. They are clones of their dumb ass parents: stupid punk losers who are such cowards that they fear diversity. Conservative right wing bastards are the epitome of DEATH!

  48. Sharyle says:

    I’ve sat here for the last half hour reading all the replies and MOST of them are idiotic, uneducated DRIVEL!! Not to mention totally off target from the original article. I grew up attending Dodgers games, sitting near the families of the players. It was during one such game that Tommy Jr. was there. He was really nice & I tho’t him cute. It was also the first time I heard the terms fag, gay & homo…from the mouths of the players WIVES, gossipy bitches. I didn’t know the meaning of what they were saying and it didn’t stop me from crushing on TJ. Every home game TJ was always there supporting his dad…
    It wasn’t until many years later, when I attended my first Pride Fest, that I learned just how ugly those beautiful bitches were!! I didn’t care what they meant when crushing on TJ & I sure the FUCK didn’t care when I went into labour & my friend, a homosexual male nurse, stayed by my side until my son was born. Since then I’ve had a lot of LGBT friends. I’m also proud to PUBLICLY ADMIT that I am the EXTREMELY PROUD mother of a HOMOSEXUAL son!! No, he’s not the son I birthed with my gay nurse friend…another son, years later. I love him just as much as any of my other sons (which number four total).
    So for all you shallow, ignorant BITCHES (men & women alike) you NEVER KNOW who is LGBT…hell, that Tom Cruise looking mofo sitting next to you on the plane/train/bus just may be gay…looks are DEFINITELY deceiving. So QUIT SNIPING & JUDGING!! Everyone spouts the BIBLE as the BE ALL END ALL of LAWS…guess what, there’s a reason it’s called the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!!

  49. Craven Moorhead says:

    I agree, fags should not be allowed in pro sports, I don’t want my kids looking up to homos, Lasorda is a God in baseball and in life, fuck all you fag hags

  50. GC says:

    “at the time Lasorda’s AIDS-ridden son was gravely ill, another gay player, Billy Bean, alleged that Lasorda was still telling rough, unfunny, homophobic locker room jokes.”

    yeah, that’s some god-in-life stuff.

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