Totally Wired : Awesome Product Placement For Mitchell & Ness

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Wee-Bey’s kin is looking sharp, but beware. Rafael Santana wants his warmup jacket back.

4 Responses to “Totally Wired : Awesome Product Placement For Mitchell & Ness”

  1. tenaletilt says:

    God I wish I had any idea who Wee-Bay, Mitchell, or Ness were.

  2. Chuck Meehan says:

    Tenaletilt- Mitchell & Ness is a store in Center City Philadelphia that is widely reknowned for throwback jerseys and is frequented by visiting sports and music figures (particularly hip-hop artists) when they are in Philly.

  3. David Roth says:

    Wee-bay confessed to like 30 murders in exchange for a fish sandwich in season three of HBO’s The Wire.

    Gerard, I know that might seem like a sweet product placement, but remember that the game is different now than it was when we were coming up. Or whatever sage paternal advice it was that Bay offered his ponytailed seed.

    Anyone else waiting for a John Lowenstein cameo as a Baltimore City homicide cop?

  4. jason says:

    It’s actually “Wee-Bey.” Of course, I prefer Namond’s Eagles throwback, which he’s now worn twice. Jerome Brown was O.G.

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