Trapped In The Closet : TTU’s Leach To Walk The Plank?

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Congratulations to Texas Tech head football coach Mike Leach who achieved the near impossible Monday afternoon, somehow managing to overshadow Urban Meyer’s bout of the wishy-washies by making headlines with something that’s becoming a huge concern for major programs, i.e. yet another case of alleged player abuse. Leach has been suspended from the Red Raiders’ January 2 Alamo Bowl meeting with Michigan State, and the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal’s Don Williams has a few details ;

ESPN’s Joe Schad reported on his Twitter account that Leach has been accused of isolating a player in a closet after that player did not practice because he had a concussion. That report has not been confirmed by the A-J.

“At Texas Tech, all such complaints are considered as serious matters, and as a result an investigation of the incident is underway,” the statement said. “Until the investigation is complete, Texas Tech University is suspending coach Leach from all duties as Head Football Coach effective immediately. The investigation into this matter will continue in a thorough and fair manner.”

The statement said the decision to suspend Leach was made in consultation with Tech President Guy Bailey, Chancellor Kent Hance, Board of Regents Chairman Larry Anders and Vice Chairman Jerry Turner.

(ADDENDUM : Leach’s accuser has been publicly identified on the Independence Bowl halftime show as Tech WR Adam James, son of ESPN analyst Craig James. Lou Holtz helpfully added, “when I have a headache, I like to sit in a dark room.”)

2 Responses to “Trapped In The Closet : TTU’s Leach To Walk The Plank?”

  1. HONDO says:

    Leach might as well pack now. Horrible judgement, at best. Can charitably be described as idiotic – and perhaps criminal – behavior.

  2. Carol says:

    Well, it certainly wasn’t all about being in a “dark place.” It’s actually about James wanting to transfer to SMU and Coach Leach not granting that – he never has – that’s his policy. Adam and Craig James knew that when “they” committed to Tech – not something they really could do much about as no other school seemed too interested in mediocre talent. No one at Tech wanted Adam James (his attitude preceded him), but Mike Leach wanted to give him a shot; he thought the talent might be there. Turns out, we’ll never know as Adam was difficult to coach (read letters from coaches and players who attest to that). It’s a sad day for Texas Tech.

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