Unexpectedly Unamerican Regional Mascot Rivalry Goes Beyond Simple Noogie-giving

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Just days after the formal celebration of America’s greatness, mascots nationwide continued to revel in their freedom”physically. More than a dozen mascots showed up Saturday to participate in Seattle’s annual Pioneer Square Fire Festival, after which at least some of the mascots”Oregon State’s Benny Beaver, and Eastern Washington University’s Swoop the Eagle were both named in the police report”took things a little too far in the wee hours of the morning.

According to the Post-Intelligencer, area police were on a routine walk-through of the rowdy bar area when they came upon the extremely unpatriotic act of someone beating the shit out of Swoop.

The officers watched as a 30-year-old Seattle man shoved the eagle to the curb and then stomped on the costumed man’s back as the eagle’s costumed confederate — a man dressed as a beaver — looked on.

Witnesses told police the costumed men had been jumping into traffic and harassing people on the sidewalk. The costume-clad men admitted to police that they had been jumping around the bar patron, but disputed the other man’s claim that the eagle had landed on his back.

Luckily Minnesota Twins mascot T.C., who won last week’s Home Run Derby in San Francisco, faced no such retribution from friendly rivals Bernie Brewer or Junction Jack (presumably Bernie can actually hold his liquor.)

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