Until The Crab Meat Was Offered, This Seemed Kinda Sketchy

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Lo and behold, see what happens when you do an internet search for information on defunct Matador recording artists Railroad Jerk? (thanks to Sally for the link). Hey, I know the above advertisement has been making the rounds, but let it be said that I consider it to be the finest personals solicitation since that guy who was hunting for a Bobby Abreu lookalike.

2 Responses to “Until The Crab Meat Was Offered, This Seemed Kinda Sketchy”

  1. Dave says:

    For once I’m ahead of the curve! This was part of SomethingAwful front page update a few days ago. Good to see the ads getting around.


  2. GC says:

    I’m sorry. If you really were “ahead of the curve” you’d be the guy in the photograph on the right.

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