VCR Alert : Michael Kay Visits The Center Of Steinbrenner’s Mind

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In a programing move that should forever squash the notion that the YES Network serves as a propaganda arm for the Yankee empire, Michael Kay’s 90 minute conversation with George Steinbrenner will be aired this Sunday at 5pm, EST.

I wonder if the number of times the names “Nixon”, “Spira” or “Winfield” are uttered will be greater than zero.

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  1. impressive artichoke says:

    Okay, fair enough, but you do realize that YES stands for “Yankees Entertainment & Sports,” don’t you? So, you’d kinda expect the network that exists solely to broadcast Yankee games and Yankee-related nostalgia to be a little Yankee-centric. I mean you’d have to be pretty stupid to expect anything other than Yankee “propaganda” from the Yankee Entertainment and Sports network, right?

    Oh, one more thing; if you don’t want people to think that you’re less than well-read, the word is “Quash” – not “Squash.” Seriously. Look it up.

  2. CSTB says:

    I don’t think I said I expected any more or less from the YES Network.

    The following are commonly accepted definitions for “squash” when it is used as a verb :

    to supress, stifle or subdue a feeling, conjecture or action ,

    to firmly reject an idea or suggestion, eg. ,
    “the anonymous, cowardly attempt at criticism was immediately squashed”.

    Though quash would’ve worked, too.

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