Waco Whacko Brings Shame To Family, Institution

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I don’t know how much a year’s tuition at Baylor costs these days, but assuming it is more than $100, the parents of the guy on the right are really being screwed.

It isn’t all bad news for Baylor hosting Texas today, however. For one thing, none of the Bears have shot each other.

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  1. Charles says:

    His folks are getting ripped off because he is screwing around in the band? How long has it been since college?

  2. CSTB says:

    His folks aren’t getting their $100-or-whatever’s worth because a) he’s harrassing Brad Buckman on regional TV, b) he has a snout growing out of his forehead and c) Kendra Davis would like him to watch his language.

    Since you ask, I entered one of our Nation’s state universities in the autumn of 1983 and was officially a dropout by January of ’84. Sorry if I seem to be denying the youth-of-today their right to act like shitheads in public — I seek to do no such thing. I’ll be starved for content, otherwise.

    For the record, the gentleman in question did not appear to be a member of the band. Unless Aryan Disgrace have formed a new lineup.

  3. Charles says:

    a)… b)… c)…
    In other words, “screwing around in the band.” If he isn’t actually in the band, those are really awful cult uniforms he and his pals are wearing. It is par-for-the-course awful if it is a pep band.

  4. CSTB says:


    Baylor’s attempts to assemble a spirited, pogo-happy, lookalike student rooting section is not, sad headgear aside, appreciably different from similar efforts employed at countless other schools (Texas, included). But Dr. Moreau’s best efforts to the contrary, this is the first instance i’ve seen of a young man with a snout coming out of his forehead.

    And when i say “the gentlemen in question did not appear to be a member of the band”, perhaps i failed to make the point strongly enough. He wasn’t holding a musical instrument. Nor were guys standing to his left, right or directly behind him.

    Baylor’s pep band looks a little something like this :


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