Weiland’s Flowers Bloom

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One of my favorite North Americans, Christa Min asks, “is Velvet really suitable for spring?”

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  1. tmidgett says:

    I don’t like any of John Varvatos’ clothing.

    Even now.

  2. Xa says:

    Hey, now.

    Just because Varvatos didn’t ask your band to wear his slimy repulsive clothes, doesn’t mean you’ll never get an endorsement deal.

    Maybe try and get Kobayahsi to play “Dead Man’s Blues” while he eats hot dogs?

  3. Ben Schwartz says:

    Nice shot of the boys on Hwd Blvd out front of the Frolic Room; gives the impression they’re waiting on-line for tickets to ANNIE or WICKED, at the Pantages theater directly to the right. Glad VR is still “street.”

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