Whitlock On Bojangling Stuart Scott

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AOL’s self-proclaimed “Big Sexy”, aka Jason Whitlock, isn’t nearly done taking shots at his former colleagues in Bristol, CT.

Memo to Stu Scott (above) : Dude, I like your work. I defend your rapping and rhyming on SportsCenter because it™s harmless and you™re just delivering highlights in a unique style. But you went too far with it at halftime Monday night with your Jay-Z intro and damn near set off bojangling alarms all over my house.

A broadcaster, a journalist, a performer must know his audience and service his audience above all else. Flavorizing highlights with a little hip-hop slang on SportsCenter is one thing, but using Jay-Z™s alternate nickname “ œJigga “ at halftime of œMonday Night Football is ridiculous and offensive.

Stu, you are not Big Tigger and you ain™t on BET. It™s œMonday Night Football. Look, the ESPN executives were stupid for foisting Jay-Z™s latest video on football fans. If Roger Goodell had a brain, he™d check with David Stern about the damage done to the NBA™s image by tying itself too closely to the hip hop crowd.

I digress. Stu, no one cares that you know Jay-Z™s other name, and the œMNF audience doesn™t want to waste time wondering whether you just called him œN-word-a or œJigaboo.

Hey, you might™ve scored a few cool points with Jay-Z or Beyonce. Great. But you confused, irritated and offended 95 percent of your audience. And for what? A couple of fist pounds the next time you see Kanye and Jay?

I’m wondering exactly what damage the NBA did by tying itself too closely to the hip-hop crowd. Unless Whitlock is refering to Cowboy Troy’s performance at the 2005 All-Star Game, in which case, no more needs to be said.

Regarding the new Jay Z video / Budweiser ad : good luck to the next Def Jam signing that tells the label president they’d rather not participate in a beer commercial.

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