Who Says L.A.’s Not A Real Sports Town? Galaxy Fans Tell Becks To Fuck Off

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We can only presume this is how Bill Plaschke would’ve liked to see Manny Ramirez treated a few nights ago. The Guardian’s Marcus Christian on midfielder David Beckham’s return to the Home Depot Center after an extended spell on loan to AC Milan — who just happened to be the MLS Galaxy’s exhibition opponents last night.

The former England captain was held back by security staff, who also needed to restrain an angry fan who left his seat and rushed towards the footballer. The 34-year-old afterwards tried to explain what had happened by saying: “One of the guys was saying things that really wasn’t very nice. It was stepping over the line. I said ‘You need to calm down and come shake my hand’ and he jumped over.” Asked whether his intention was to do “a Cantona” and attack the fan, Beckham smiled and said: “No, of course not.”

The man was arrested by California State Dominguez Hills police for trespassing because he left the seating area, a Home Depot Center spokeswoman said. “I know there was some turmoil in the corner but I didn’t see it so I can’t comment,” Galaxy manager Bruce Arena said. “Obviously, there were some dissenters in the early going but I think he won over a lot of people by the end.”

A section of the crowd booed Beckham every time he touched the ball and held aloft signs reading “Go Home Fraud” and “23: Repent” in reference to his shirt number. Another read: “Hey Becks, Here Before You, Here after You, Here Despite You” while one stated: “Is evil something u are … or something u do?”

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  1. eurotrashbasher says:

    I H8 BRITS

  2. steve says:

    I love the dude talking about how Beck needs to keep it in control AND HE BROUGHT A FUCKING DRUM TO THE GAME! What adult brings a drum to a game? God help us all.

  3. Lefty O'Doul says:

    C’mon… the only city that is oblivious to the fact that Smell-A is just a one dimensional, no character city is Smell-A itself. And that makes total sense. What other city (in the world) has that amount of proportionate idiots percapita?
    (Sorry for using big words Smell-A’ians!) yeah, fuck off……..

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