Wizards / Cavs Game 4 : Gilbert Strips, LeBron Whines

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Wizards 106, Cavaliers 96 (series tied, 2-2)

The Washington Post’s Ivan Carter collects the quotes from DC’s comeback yesterday, one in which the Black President credits his 2nd half revival to a change in attire :

Looking for a change in performance, Arenas changed his clothes. Off came the sneakers, his jersey and game shorts. He even stripped off the padded undershorts he wears to protect him from hard fouls and even harder falls.

“I had to get out of that first uniform,” Arenas said. “That first uniform was bad luck for me.”

Properly outfitted, Arenas snapped out of his first-half funk, when he made only 1 of 9 shots, and scored 20 of his team-high 34 points in the fourth quarter.

LeBron James, beneficiary of a non-call at the end of Game 3, but whistled for two crucial charging fouls in Sunday’s 4th quarter, is lobbying in advance of Game 5.

“I’ve been called for more offensive fouls in this series than in all 82 games combined probably,” James said. “They’re trying to take my aggressiveness away, trying to make me play outside but I still have to be aggressive because that’s the kind of player I am.”

Wizznutzz, showcasing the sort of turnaround time my local Kinko’s could take a tip from, pays homage to The Chosen One with “Queen James” (mp3)

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  1. brandon says:

    You people are ridiculous, lebron james is undoubtably the best player in the nba and is the most exciting upcoming player at 21 years of age he sets new records every day. He is not a queen nor a loser or complainer, wait until Arenas comes to cleveland on wednesday night the outcome will be extremely different, when a lion like lebron strikes no wizard will be able to stop him

  2. GC says:

    “He is not a queen nor a loser or complainer”

    well, he lost yesterday. And he complained (see above). Those aren’t opinions, my friend, those are facts. Or were your parents and teachers just witnesses?

    As far as the Queen stuff goes, Wizznutzz is more than entitled to his brand of musical expression.

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